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ACIE, most of you already know thos few letters, associated to mythic SU2, sign of high quality, and affordable pricing.

Effectively, even if the SU2 is 10 years, it looks like the very first day, anyway we decided to make it a lifting.

For this ACIE uses the knowledge of its self owned subsidiary specialised in injections, molds, product design, metal or alloy as ZAMAC for our metal keys, but also vandalproof enclosure and plates for keypads and readers.

The electronic is always being revised, and the use of CMS technology allows more visibility and space on the board, and components evolution offers more efficiency to the products. The systematical use of EEPROM memories and of components issued from the large range of Microchip allow us to offer 4 years warranty on our products. Our engineer team is in permanent relation with our providers to be upgraded on the last novelties, and study all possibilities given to us to make our products better.

The self certification capability is also very important in the seek of quality ; effectively, ACIE possess all the material to submit the product to the required tests in view to obtain the CE certification ; so all the tests are internally made, and the resulst are satisfactory the product is sent to the aggred center for fianl agreement.

So the products you use, have been electrically shocked to improove circuit resistance, the keys have been pressed more than 1 billion times with the double weight required to get the certification, were burned insisde an climatologic hoven, before being approved by our team.

Nothing is leaved to chance in our process, and it is important to specify that 100% of the products are manually tested before they are sent out, as well mecanically with contact quality on the keys or output tempo, than electronically pin code register and deleting, wrong codes etc…

We established for each product a methodology ensuring the good working of each unit. This explains the very low faulty products rate we have.

Finally and in view to close the quality chapter, the production plant is actually working on the ISO certification.

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